Library for Health

Medical information for clinical health care professionals worldwide

What is it?

This digital library for health is an online advanced (federated) search engine, which permits you to access all the medical databases you need and use in your professional organization via one central gateway and a single sign-on (you only need to log in once, to have access to all available databases)!

How does it work?

The website is a (federated) search engine investigating all the databases you are already using, and more than 10.000 freely accessible sources can be added according to your needs.

You add and organize the databases you daily use, so that you no longer have to open and access all different information sources separately. Just sign in to the library and get access to all sources available to you, independent of the fact that you work in a hospital, pharmaceutical company, professional organization or a private practice, …

Besides the databases you or your organization is paying a licence for (such as Dynamed, BMJ, Duodecim, PubMed, or medical databases such as Micromedex or Medline), you can also search freely accessible databases with just one search.

You can decide to search only on specific topics (e.g. HIV, diabetes, oncology,…), one or more types of databases (bibliographic databases, Big Five, clinical trials,…), first or second line information, drug information… It offers also a gateway to paramedical information and e-books.

Depending on your profile,

  • you have access to open sources,
  • you have access to licensed information via a personal, secure login,
  • you can choose additional sources related to specific domains or specialties.

After performing a search, you get the results of all accessible databases. You can filter on type of document, database, language…

The site supports responsive design so you can search the library from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a GP in first health care? A specialist in neurology? A psychologist in a group practice? A nurse visiting patients at home?

Based on your profile, your professional needs and your scientific interests, you can add databases, filter the search results and thus focus your searches on the topics you need.

Do you want to define your personal preferences?

No problem, you can adapt the search page with a simple drag-and-drop to your own needs and preferences, making sure that the databases you most consult, are directly visible and accessible.

You already have access to specific information via your practice, university or hospital?

We make sure that you can access this information, via this digital library for health, using the valid registration. In other words, you don’t pay twice for the same information!

What information can I consult for free?

A large number of databases are freely accessible and can be added to the platform.

Other databases are payable, either on a personal basis or via an organization (hospital, medical practice, professional organization. As soon as you have logged in to the site, you get access to all the databases based on your profile, which is called “single sign-on”.

You can see what information is available via the icons in front of the database:


accessible upon registration and payment of a yearly fee (personal or via organisation):

Tip: It is possible to search the closed () databases even if you don’t have access to the articles. That way you can view if the information might be of interest and contact us or the database provider to register or to order a specific article.

How can you register?

  • Click Login
  • Fill in your name, email, organization
  • Click Submit
  • You will receive a confirmation mail with a temporary password
  • After registration, you can:
    • Personalize the search page according to your needs
    • Add the databases that are organization

What kind of SPIPs can you choose from?

  • Drug databases
  • Clinical pharmacology Journals
  • Midwife
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Pediatrics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Child psychology and psychiatry