Comprehensive Medication Review

  • Gives an evidence based summary and visual overview of analysed interactions
  • Gives risk calculations, reduces medication misuse
  • Enhances better medication prescription and facilitates tailored patient treatments

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Easy and reliable way to check patient’s medication

Presently only one in three elderly and / or multimorbid patient receives adequate medication. To overcome this problem IVS Iscientia provides a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR), which is an integral part of the clinical decision support system (EBMEDS®), created by Duodecim Medical Publications

CMR includes

  • renal function and drug dosage
  • serious drug-drug interactions
  • maximum dosage
  • data on indications and contraindications related to drugs
  • the burden of adverse effects caused by drugs
  • drug restrictions during pregnancy and lactation
  • laboratory investigations


CMR ensures

  • to improve the safety of medicines by providing automatic reminders
    and alerts
  • to offer choices for alternative
    and safer drugs


Process flow

Some screen shots of the CMR output

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slide 4
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