Evidence Linker

  • Direct link between the electronic health record and the appropriate guideline(s)
  • Save time and find information during consultation
  • Linked through diagnostic-specific information

Evidence based information in first line health care

During consultation, a general practitioner enters information about the patient, his symptoms, diagnostics and medication.

A simple click on the Evidence Linker Button establishes a link – based on different coding classifications ICPC and ICD – between this information and the EBM guidelines platform. This platform contains guidelines for the GP but also links to patient leaflets.

All relevant information is immediately accessible to the GP, who can consult this information, verify the therapeutic suggestions and even print information for the patient.


Specialized health care information

The Evidence Linker can also be integrated in the EHR systems of hospitals, pharmacists, research centers…

A cookbook is available for software developers in order to integrate the Evidence Linker into the software.

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