A Deeper Dive Into Our Ecosystem For Evidence- Based Medicine

digital library for health

  • Secure online library
  • Gives access to the world’s most renown journals and databases
  • Independent, reliable, evidence-based information
  • Tailord packages with discipline specific journals for specialist groups, organisations and hospitals

editorial platform

  • Platform to review, adapt and update international or national guidelines
  • Platform to write and implement national guidelines
  • User friendly and directly viewable in the editorial platform
  • Communication facilities for teams of editors

evidence linker

  • Direct link between the electronic health record and the appropriate guideline(s)
  • Save time and find information during consultation
  • Linked through diagnostics
  • Customizable to fit local needs

point of care guidelines platform

  • Access to national guidelines
  • Access to highly qualitative international guidelines from DUODECIM, translated into your language
  • Linked with underlying literature, patient guidelines and Electronic Health Records


  • Evidence-Based electronic Decision Support
  • Analyses patient data and generates customized patient alerts at the point of care
  • Improves decision-making
  • Enhances shared decision making

* Registered trademark of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. distributed by iscientia

comprehensive medication review*

  • Gives an evidence based summary and visual overview of analysed interactions
  • Gives risk calculations
  • Reduces medication misuse
  • Enhances better medication prescription
  • Facilitates tailored patient treatments

my health net

  • Access to the personal healtch care information for the patient
  • Access to patient leaflets based on evidence based guidelines


Building seamlessly integrated
information systems to fit local needs


Providing consultancy services for a successful implementation of diverse information healthcare services


Team of developers engineering
cutting edge technologies


Developer of a custom built supporting platform for contextualisations, updating and reviewing national and international guidelines