Digital Library for Health

One gateway to access a treasure of the best, international medical, scientific information and customizable to add with validated national information.

✔ Secure online library
✔ Access to the world’s most renown journals and databases
✔ Independent, reliable, evidence-based information
✔ Secure online library
✔ Tailored packages with discipline-specific journals for specialist-groups, organisations and hospitals
✔ Customizable to fit local needs

Point-of-care Guideline Platform

Platform containing validated national and international guidelines to consult at the point of care.

✔ Access to national guidelines
✔ Access to the highly qualitative international (DUODECIM) guidelines translated into your own language
✔ Access to international guidelines adapted towards the national healthcare context.
✔ Linking with underlying literature
✔ Linking with patient-guidelines
✔ Linking with the Electronic Health Record
✔ Customizable to fit local needs

My Health Net

Enhances patient’s empowerment and shared decision-making

✔ Access your own personal health record in an easy readable language
✔ Save time by assigning which healthcare professionals can access which part of your personal health record
✔ Easy readable guidelines for patients
✔ Checked media generated healthcare information
✔ Translated summaries of reliable evidence-based research for patients

Editorial Platform

Review, adapt and update international and national guidelines to fit local needs

✔ Used by institutions, organisations producing and disseminating information such as guideline developers and local editorial teams.
✔ Maximize time and reduce cost using an editorial platform to log, track and follow-up files
✔ Easy to use and provided with a manual
✔ Reviewing, adapting and updating increases usefulness
✔ Supporting tool to accelerate the implementation of evidence-based guidelines in healthcare

Evidence Linker

Linking the electronic health record with the best reliable evidence

✔ Save time getting instant information in one single click within the electronic health record during consultation
✔ Easy to use embedded link in the electronic health record to access evidence-based information at the point of care
✔ Customizable to variable Electronic Health Record software packages.


CMR: Comprehensive Medication Review

Get an evidence-based summary and visual overview of analysed interactions and risk calculations in one simple click

✔ A registered trademark of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. distributed by Iscientia
✔ Save time
✔ Reduce medication misuse
✔ Enhances better medication prescription an tailored patient treatments
✔ Reliable and evidence-based
*A registered trademark of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. distributed by Iscientia

EBMeDS: Evidence-Based electronic Decision Support

Supporting tool within the Electronic Health Record that analyses patient data and evidence-based information, generating customized patient alerts at the point of care

✔ Save time
✔ Improved decision-making
✔ Reduced medical mistakes
✔ Enhances shared decision making
*A registered trademark of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. distributed by Iscientia

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