Cebam Digital Library for Health (CDLH)
Virtual secure library serving the whole health community in Belgium. The digital library was conceived and created in Microsoft SharePoint. Only one login is required to consult the information sources (single sign-on). We offer for specialist group's tailored and specific information which is seamlessly integrated in the setup of the digital library.

Evidence Linker
A project has been setup with EHR vendors for general practitioners with the objective to deliver instant scientific information to the physician, even during the consultation with the patient. A doctor can request, within his medical record, with a single click, relevant information. In SharePoint we have create several databases that form a link between the medical record and relevant, evidence based information. This solution is based on ICPC coding – we also created a French and Dutch version. The authorities in Belgium made the implementation of the Evidence Linker obligatory for every EHR vendor (for GP's).

Is a consortium of Belgian organizations that developed an electronic platform with EBM practice guidelines. IVS has fully developed this platform: both the web interface to consult the guidelines as an editing environment for editors and collaborators. The entire platform has been setup and developed in SharePoint with custom web parts. Some of the tools that were created: loading guidelines in XML format, designing workflows (with various authorization and approval levels), developing the search interface, development of a customized tree structure, versioning and SSO – single sign-on via the Belgium e-health system (using the Belgian identity card which is equipped with an electronic chip).

We have an extensive collaboration with Duodecim Medical Publications – Helsinki. In Belgium a global, nationwide license is in place covering Duodecim's EBM Guidelines. Duodecim's EBMeDS decision support system is also used by GP's in Belgium. IVS – is Duodecim's partner for Belgium but also qualifies for localization & translation of Duodecim's content in other countries.

We have translated Duodecim's guidelines in Dutch and French. In order to streamline this recurring task, we use translation memories and term databases. After extensive testing and proofing we selected Trados translation software as the cornerstone of our translation processes. In the meantime and in collaboration with translation experts, we build up an extensive experience in translation and localizing content.