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Iscientia provides world leading healthcare information services to improve healthcare practices.

We develop and innovate technologies to bring the best evidence-based scientific research into point-of-care solutions.
We provide crucial scientific, healthcare, business and engineering research information to professional users enabling them to take results-oriented decisions
Iscientia is a leading information provider of reference and knowledge databases as well as instant linking services and full text solutions.

We want to improve healthcare by providing information solutions that combine evidence-based information with innovative technologies, customized into seamlessly integrated information systems. Our customers rely on Iscientia to facilitate knowledge, (shared) decision-making and empowerment.

Building on our years of experience in collaborating with various scientific publishers and developing technologies to unlock knowledge when you need it most

iScientia has more than 20 years of expertise of collaborating with various scientific publishers and developing technologies to unlock scientific information.
Our content publishing expertise enables our customers to rely on a seamlessly integrated hybrid information solution based on Microsoft cloud solutions.

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A Medical Digital Library to bring the most renowned international medical scientific information together.


Technologies to enhance the validation and evaluation process of information.


A technology to lock research data so for example RCT’s can’t be manipulated.


A platform with point-of-care validated international and national guidelines to consult at the point of care


An editorial platform to review, adapt and update international and national guidelines to fit local needs.


Platform with patient guidelines, to enhanced patient empowerment and shared decision making through his generated healthcare information.


A technology for an embedded link within the Electronic Health Record to easily access essential point-of-care information healthcare professionals need.


A technology for a comprehensive medication review within the Electronic Health Record analyzing interactions and risk calculations.


A technology that analyzes patient data and checks it against reliable evidence-based information within the Electronic Health Record and generates customized patient alerts.


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Iscientia cover gaps in patient care for better outcomes and a healthier population by blending clinical experience and evidence. Further, it takes into account patient values combine with professional expertise to promote better engineering experiences.

Dr. Edgar Jewel
Dr. Edgar Jewel

The use of Iscientia Digital library for health, evidences has increase the confidence, adaptability, improve our skills, critical thinking and decision making since we don’t have to constantly evaluate various research that would support and be beneficial in their practice.

Dr. Laurent  Jewel
Dr. Laurent Jewel
Researcher Scientist
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Iscientia's healthcare Information services are designed for a wide range of professionals


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